Our newest. 500 recipes. Every one, for calibrated for both stovetop and electric machines. Multiple sell-outs on QVC. Lots of fun. Join us on facebook for #pressurethursdays.

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Get a discount on Bruce's Craftsy cooking class. Click here and you'll go right to Craftsy. And you'll learn how to be a better cook in 7 simple lessons. He cover the differences between low temperature and high temperature roasting, stove top and oven braising, as well as pan frying, sauteeing and making amazing pan sauces. The recipes along the way include a Southwestern Braised Brisket and Skillet Rib Eye Steaks with a buttery chipotle tomato sauce. 

Vegetarian Dinner Parties WINNER OF THE 2015 IACP PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD!

No, we haven't gone vegetarian. But we explore the culinary possibilities of vegetables without health or ethical claims. (Although if you're a vegetarian, we've got your back! Over half the recipes are vegan, to boot.) Go ahead. You want to throw a dinner party. And you want to see these recipes. They're some of the best we've ever crafted.

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Booze Up Your Blender!

Are you ready for summer? We are! Try out our latest, a collection of frozen cocktails to take the heat out of any day. Get your copy at


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Do you know why you're not using your slow cooker enough? Because up to two-thirds of the recipes in any given book aren't written for your model size! But we took care of that. With over 500 recipes, we've written a book that sizes out every one for almost every size of machine. And it's not just math. We've done the testing and worked out the ratios. You gotta see it to believe it.


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Our Whole Grains Book

Our new book moves whole grains to the center of the plate--not a side dish in sight! Experience whole grains, not as nutritional wonders, but as culinary superstars. Click on one of the links below to buy the book:


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    In a fourteen years, we've published over two dozen books (not counting the ones we ghost-wrote for celebrities). No wonder our pants don't fit! Here's a sampling of what we've done. Scroll down and click the pictures to find out how to buy the books.

    All chocolate cookies, all the time. Try the vegans. Yep, you heard us right. Try the vegan chocolate chip cookies. Even bacon eaters will dive in!

    A manual for how to get in and out of the kitchen, with over 300 tips, 250 recipes, and tons of practical information for everyday cooking.

    Our fractured, laugh-out-loud take-down of the top 101 cooking and food myths. Plus 25 recipes!

     Fire up the grill--for pizzas! (Don't worry: every recipe gives instructions on how to make the pie in the oven, too.) Click on the picture to learn more.

    Dare we say it? One of the best-selling candy-making books ever written! Holy truffles!Bruce's first knitting book! And rules. Ten of them.

    The first-ever all goat book: meat, milk, and cheese. We were the pioneers. Get in on the great food--and the fun.Our seven-step plan to get the processed food off your table and out of your life. It's easier than you think. And you'll lose weight. Click on the book to find our more.

    Everything peanut butter--the history, the recipes, the Asian sauces, the desserts, and much more.

    Our James Beard Award-nominated hymn to all things ham. Country, fresh, smoked, and cured--we've covered the world of hams and given you the recipes to get them on your table.