Vegetarian Dinner Parties!

Here's our latest! No, we haven't gone vegetarian. But we explore the culinary possibilities of vegetables without health or ethical claims. (Although if you're a vegetarian, we've got your back! Over half the recipes are vegan, to boot.) It'll be out this September but you can pre-order now. Go ahead. You want to throw a dinner party. And you want to see these recipes. They're some of the best we've ever crafted. Order it from these outlets:

Barnes & Noble


Oblong Books in Millerton, NY (one of our local stores)

Book Loft in Great Barrington, MA (another local store)

Join Us!

We want to cook for you! And it can happen. Please join us at one of these fun events. We'll make you a great meal. Promise!


  • Monday, 9/15/2014. Hub City Books in Spartenburg, SC. How to throw a dinner party!
  • Tuesday, 9/16/2014. Kitchenware Outfitters in Savannah, GA. Click
  • Wednesday, 9/17/2014. Cook's Warehouse in Atlanta, GA (midtown location)
  • Friday, 9/19/2014. A Southern Season in Mount Pleasant, SC (book signing only--but we'll make you laugh)
  • Saturday, 9/20/2014. The Spice and Tea Exchange in Charleson, SC
  • Tuesday, 12/16/2014. Central Market in San Antonio, TX
  • Wednesday, 12/17/2014. Central Market in Austin, TX
  • Thursday and Friday, 12/18 and 12/19/2014. The Lake Austin Spa outside of Austin, TX



Do you know why you're not using your slow cooker enough? Because up to two-thirds of the recipes in any given book aren't written for your model size! But we took care of that for you. With over 500 master recipes, we've written a book that sizes out every one for almost every size of machine. And it's not just math. We've done the testing and worked out the ratios among spices, fats, broth, and the rest. We've done what no one else has ever done! You gotta see it to believe it. Get your copy today from


barnes and noble

or independent booksellers.

Our Whole Grains Book

Our new book moves whole grains to the center of the plate--not a side dish in sight! Experience whole grains, not as nutritional wonders, but as culinary superstars. Click on one of the links below to buy the book:


independent booksellers

A User-Friendly Manual To Make You A Quick Cook

Want to be fast in the kitchen? Get our manual for how to be a quick cook--plus 250 recipes to do it right every time! Here's how to get your copy:

independent booksellers


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Bruce's Second Knitting Book!

BOYFRIEND SWEATERS presents nineteen patterns for women based on guy's styles and designs--or put another way, nineteen patterns for men that women will want to wear. (There's some pretty sexy photography, too!) Here's where to buy it:



independent booksellers

The First-Ever All Goat Book: Meat, Milk, & Cheese

It's the first-ever all-goat book--the world's most consumed meat and dairy, plus all the goat cheese you can imagine. You gotta get in on the goat! Here are the links:


independent booksellers

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    Welcome! We're so glad you found us. Stick around. We live for dinner parties. And we're really excited about food. The links up top and to the side will steer you around. And if you don't know us yet, here's a bit we recently did for FINE COOKING MAGAZINE:



    Need to know more? Okay, a little. But the food's awaiting. Hurry up.


    Bruce Weinstein is the chef in our duo. A life-long New Yorker, he wanted to leave the city--so we now live in rural New England. Don't ask. He can rip through Chopin Nocturnes, knits whenever he's not cooking, and is quick to ask "Who's up for a cocktail?" He went to "Fame" for high school, took off for chef school, and put in his time at Manhattan advertising firms. He loves Modigliani, is indifferent to Picasso, and has been forced to sit through more post-modern, avant-garde music than anyone should. His patience is boundless--except when it comes to bridge.

    Mark Scarbrough is the writer. A former academic, he's sometimes snarky because he's ridiculously innocent in the marrow. He reads Dante for fun and hangs out in art museums on sunny afternoons. He's a bemused Texan in snow drifts, a dumbfounded progressive, and a self-confessed culinary snob. He still teaches literature on the side and leads raucous book groups at Connecticut libraries. (You can find out more about one of those groups here.)

    Together, we've written a shelf of cookbooks. We also pen a column called "Sundays in the Kitchen with Bruce and Mark" on To put it bluntly, Bruce is olive oil; Mark, butter. Bruce wants a Christmas tree; Mark writes the haggadah for Passover. (It makes for interesting times.) We've contributed to most of the big food magazines and have been guests on many of the national morning shows (even on The View--which you can see here).

    We live out in the country, far from crowds, madding or not. How remote? We took down a couple of apple trees in our backyard because we were tired of running a moose buffet. Our life is quiet--except for our Saturday night dinner parties.

    Look around our site. Bruce has a knitting blog; Mark has a place to write about the things that matter to him. We have lots of recipes, an on-going project to create some great brownie recipes, and a bunch of stuff about our slow-cooker Sundays. You can even find out more about our books.

    And then there's this collie named Dreydl.